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Jenna L. Schleien, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

You want to feel better, and you want to make changes. I would be honored to join you on your journey. 


I am passionate about guiding people through the challenging and exciting process of gaining deeper self-understanding. Together, you and I can create space for your healing and growth.

I work with adults, teens, and couples via telehealth in

North Carolina and New York


My practice welcomes people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, abilities, religions, and bodies.

Think we would make a good team? Let's get started!

I am glad to offer a free 15-minute phone or video consultation.


"Telling your own story is the secret to survival."

               -George the Poet

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Are you feeling stuck in your life or unfulfilled in the realms of love or work? Do you find yourself feeling exasperated in dating or relationships, repeating the same patterns, or struggling to overcome something from your past? Do you feel insecure or find yourself questioning your worth? Do you feel emotionally off balance, whether that’s anxious, lonely, angry, depressed, or a combination of these? Do you just want to get to know yourself better? I can help.

You want to feel better, and you want to make changes. You want to feel self-confident, grounded, fulfilled, and content. You've come to the right place. Examining the patterns of your life can help you understand how you have arrived in your present circumstances. Your possibilities open up for thinking more clearly, feeling better, relating to others in healthier ways, and finding more satisfaction in life. Along the way, feeling deeply understood and accepted can help you learn to understand and accept yourself.


The three key ingredients for real, sustainable change are cultivating a trusting, collaborative, and genuine patient-therapist relationship, gaining deeper self-awareness, and creating space to fully experience and process feelings. I bring my whole self to sessions and will be here as a guide and a witness. I lead without judgment, and instead with curiosity and compassion. Together, we will create a space tailored to meet your unique needs and accomplish your particular goals.


I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Prior to entering private practice, I trained in a community mental health clinic, high school, hospital, and psychoanalytic training institute before completing my capstone internship at Mount Sinai Services/Elmhurst Hospital Center. In addition to my training in psychology, I have an academic background in Women's & Gender Studies and Hispanic Studies. I have also served as Adjunct Faculty at Manhattan College, City College of New York, and Antioch University Santa Barbara, where I have taught undergraduate and master's-level psychology courses.



“Dr. Jenna Schleien is a former colleague, and is one of the most compassionate and caring people I have had the pleasure of knowing. She is extremely knowledgable, open-minded, and builds real and supportive connections with her clients. Dr. Schleien is also easy to talk to about the most difficult experiences, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!” 


—  Dr. Nicole Eskenasi, Psy.D., Staff Psychologist, U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs & Founder of Balanced Perspectives Psychology


Individual Therapy for Adults

I will work one-on-one with you to help you achieve your goals. 

Individual Therapy for Teens

I will work with you and your parent(s) to help make things better. 

Couples Therapy

I will work with you and your partner to improve your relationship.


Individual Therapy for Adults

In individual therapy, you and I will work together one-on-one. We can work in a targeted way to achieve your specific goals, take a more exploratory stance to let themes and patterns emerge organically, or blend both approaches.

I can help you address:



---Relationship issues

---Feeling "stuck"

---Trauma & PTSD

---Life transitions

---Self-esteem & self-confidence

---Eating disorders

---Body image

---Obsessive thoughts

---Family conflict



---Work & school stress


---Marriage & divorce

---Gender & sexuality

---Self-care & balance


---Existential questions

Individual Therapy for Teens

Being a person is hard, and being a teenager can be even harder. In individual therapy, we'll work together one-on-one. You and I will figure out the best level of involvement of your parent(s), ranging from super minimal to more consistent participation, based on what you need and prefer. 

I can help you address:



---Problems at school



---Trauma & PTSD

---Self-esteem & self-confidence


---Family issues & difficult relationships with parents

---Eating disorders

---Body image

---Obsessive thoughts


---Gender & sexuality

---Self-care & balance

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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, the three of us will work together. We can focus on overcoming a particular difficulty and/or working toward an overall healthier and happier relationship.

I can help you address:




---Sexual issues



--Family conflict

---Major life changes

---Long-term planning

---Marriage & divorce


The Making Of You

The universe had to fall apart into dust first

to become its majestic, incredible, infinite self.

What makes you think this breaking,

this trauma, this destruction,

won't be the making

of a more powerful you too?

Nikita Gill


Online therapy

I am conducting all sessions via telehealth (i.e., video or phone sessions) at this time. Teletherapy may be a good option for you if you prefer to engage in therapy from the comfort of your own home, have a busy schedule that does not easily allow for a commute to sessions, prefer not to arrange childcare so that you can attend therapy, have a physical limitation that makes traveling difficult, or need to take extra health precautions.

Working with Laptop


Payment & Fees

Please contact me to discuss session fees.

I accept payment via debit/credit card, and other methods can be arranged upon request. You are welcome to use your HSA/FSA debit card to pay for sessions.

Insurance & Out-of-Network Benefits

I intentionally am not in-network with any insurance plans. My services are reimbursable by many insurance companies, and I am glad to help you use your out-of-network benefits. To see if you have out-of-network coverage and are eligible for reimbursement, ask your insurance company the following questions:

1- Do I have out-of-network benefits for mental health/behavioral health treatment?

2- How much do I pay in co-insurance? (This is the amount you are responsible for. Your insurance company will reimburse you for the rest, commonly 60-80% of the session cost.)

3- Do I have an out-of-network deductible to meet before I am eligible for reimbursement? If so, how much of that deductible has been met this year?

4- What is the usual and customary rate covered for outpatient psychotherapy? (CPT codes: 90791 [first session only], 90834 [individual therapy], 90847 [couples therapy]).

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How to get the most out of therapy (and possibly also life)

1- Open yourself up to the possibility of change and growth.

2- Get curious about yourself. Why are things the way they are? Why are you the way you are? 

3- Let therapy unfold organically. Sometimes plans are helpful, but you don't always need one. There is meaning in all of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, no matter how trivial they may seem. No need to censor yourself. 

4- Look for patterns. Think about the ways in which aspects of your past and present parallel or diverge from each other.

5- Make an effort to value and prioritize therapy. Come consistently.

6- Allow yourself to believe in the unconscious. This is the basic concept that not everything we feel and think is within our awareness. As human beings, we do intense mental gymnastics to avoid emotional pain. Wonder about your own defense mechanisms in this way.

7- Talk about your dreams. Recognize that they can illuminate parts of ourselves that are otherwise hard to access, or highlight themes in our lives that are worthy of further exploration.

8- Talk about the therapy process itself. Notice how you are feeling about therapy and about me. This can tell you a lot about yourself, as well as help us figure out what is working and what we need to adjust.

9- Want more for yourself. Strive for self-discovery and self-growth, strive to be kind and gentle, strive to speak to yourself with compassion, strive to validate yourself as much as you validate others, strive for healthier relationships, strive for physical and psychological wellness, strive to leave space for your feelings and cultivate them like seeds, strive to feel more present in your life, strive for higher self-confidence, strive to live a more satisfying life, strive for a balanced emotional experience, and strive for self-acceptance. 

10- If anything on this list is difficult for you, talk to me about it. Gift yourself the opportunity to work through it.

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Meet Illuminated, a quarterly newsletter. You can expect a curated collection of resources (think: short videos, podcast recommendations, brief activities, think pieces, & research articles) to pique your curiosity about various aspects of mental health and stimulate your thinking about your own self-growth.


View and download previous issues here:

New York City

Let's get started!

Whether you are a tiny bit curious about how therapy can help or absolutely certain you're ready to begin, I invite you to reach out.

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